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6A10, optimized grinding

6A10, le meulage optimisé

As we saw previously, 6A10 grinding cobot has a very advanced control system. However, so much technology is only useful if it provides undeniable ergonomic benefits to the user.

4A350, what’s guidance assistance?

4A350, qu'est-ce que l'assistance au guidage ?

When using the 4A350 manipulator, the operator has guidance assistance. The objective is to allow him not to ask any questions during sensitive handling operations.

4A350, take control

4A350, prenez les commandes

The 4A350 load manipulator is controlled simply and intuitively thanks to its intention bar. This is mounted on force sensors, allowing the cobot to transcribe the user’s intention while moving.

6A10, focus on orders

6A10, focus sur les commandes

The 6A10 cobot is controlled by its end, what RB3D calls the intention rudder. This control surface is made up of 2 types of sensors

6A10, the force is with you

6A10, la force est avec vous

Abrasive manufacturers will tell you that to be effective in grinding you must ensure a significant contact pressure between the grinding disc and the area to be shaved.

6A10, your ally against vibrations

6A10, votre allié contre les vibrations

The 6A10 cobot was designed with the aim of solving the problems linked to grinding operations in metallurgy, by reducing the arduousness and risks for operators.