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6A10, your ally against vibrations

The 6A10 cobot was designed with the aim of solving the problems linked to grinding operations in metallurgy, by reducing the arduousness and risks for operators.


One of the advantages of our manipulator for these tasks is the reduction in the level of exposure to vibrations. Various measurements carried out by the IRNS and by some of our customers have made it possible to determine that its use makes it possible to reduce exposure to vibrations by 80%, compared to manual grinding carried out with the same tool and consumable.


Our 6A10 manipulator is also compatible with any type of grinder thanks to tool adapters designed by our design office. Each grinder has its own adapter, which has an integrated vibration damping solution.


This grinding assistant thus helps to limit the risks of MSDs to the hands and arms of operators, as well as pathologies such as Raynaud's Syndrome, commonly known as "white finger disease".

Take a look at the 6A10!

6A10, votre allié contre les vibrations

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