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6A10, the force is with you

Abrasive manufacturers will tell you that to be effective in grinding you must ensure a significant contact pressure between the grinding disc and the area to be shaved.


In other words, the grinder must press hard on his grinder and therefore hold it firmly. This produces 2 consequences which increase the difficulty of the task and the risk of MSD:

- Strong pressure on the tool tires

- The firm hold of the tool causes a better hand/tool coupling, which transmits more vibrations to the operator (see our news on vibration reduction)


Using the 6A10 grinding cobot then makes sense, because its strength is with you!


Thanks to its motorized axes, this grinding assistant can amplify the force of the grinder up to 6 times. It is then the cobot which produces the grinding effort and not the operator. The latter will thus avoid getting tired and work in much better conditions.


In addition, the 6A10 manipulator supports the weight of the grinder in all positions, so the operator no longer has to bear the weight of the tool.


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6A10, la force est avec vous

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