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4A350, load manipulator cobot

Manual handling of loads is one of the leading causes of work accidents recorded by Social Security. The action of lifting, carrying and moving loads consumes a large quantity of muscular energy, causing fatigue and risks for operators.


The characteristics of the load and the work environment, the physical effort required, and the demands of the activity are all risk factors. The majority of companies are concerned, but accidents are all the more frequent in the industrial sector, subject to the handling of heavy and bulky loads.


The 4A350 load manipulator is used in the automotive and food industry sectors, as well as industrial carpentry, by supporting handlers in picking up, moving and setting down their loads.


Its 4 motorized axes, X, Y, Z and Theta, allow fluid, precise and effortless handling.


The operator intervenes to guide the cobot, using intuitive commands allowing the load to be manipulated on all axes. He then feels no inertia effect and can carry out his tasks in complete safety, simply by walking in the direction in which he wants to go.


The design of the 4A350 revolutionizes industrial handling by allowing any load up to 350kg to be moved with the force of a finger!


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4A350, cobot manipulateur de charge

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