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We preserve the human

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the leading cause of occupational disease in France. The jobs affected require frequent manual handling of various loads, carrying objects, using heavy tools, carrying out difficult work or maintaining postural stability.
RB3D, a French company specialising in gesture assistance, offers a wide range of tools that meet the need to reduce the effect of dangerous and monotonous jobs.
These are high-tech mechatronic machines, enabling the user to carry out his or her job with much less effort.

For the employer, choosing RB3D is an opportunity to:
• Strengthen prevention and safety measures for a healthier workplace
• Reduce the frequency and severity of lumbar MSDs
• Reduce the costs related to these MSDs. A return on investment is possible within a few months, depending on the sector of activity
• Demonstrate a virtuous social and environmental policy, with a view to attracting and retaining employees who are concerned about their well-being at work, particularly in high-risk jobs.

RB3D's vision of the future is of facilitating the efforts of human workers who perform arduous jobs by using mechatronics, without replacing people: countless tasks can be made easier by the new tools we design. Serge GRYGOROWICZ - CEO
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Our values

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Customer satisfaction

It is our top priority, especially for our products's users. We take into account the complexity of each business with the aim of providing a reliable solution that is profitable for customers and respectful of users. In order to achieve this result, we place Quality at the heart of our work processes.

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A dynamic and multidisciplinary team means that we are constantly evolving and strengthening our skills to engage with the projects entrusted to us. The projects carried out, in the service of people, are motivating and demanding for all RB3D employees.

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User experience

Each machine is designed from the outset to make its use natural and pleasant for the user, with high perceived efficiency and comfort of use over time. Constantly listening to these users enables us to regularly improve our products and services.

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RB3D has been bringing together its team and prestigious partners for more than 15 years, designing and assembling step by step the best technological and software bricks. This approach allows us to offer truly innovative, efficient and coherent solutions in many difficult working situations.

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The company is aware of its social and societal responsibilities, in the mission it has set itself of facilitating the efforts made by human workers who perform arduous jobs. We act with loyalty and integrity in our relations with all our partners, and wish to maintain long-lasting and respectful relations with our environment in the broadest sense.

RB3D - Known and recognised partnerships

RB3D can rely on prestigious partnerships and ambitious projects such as the Hercules exoskeleton and the impetus provided by the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA, the French Defence Procurement Agency) (RAPID system).

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Business sectors

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