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Handling exoskeleton

Exoskeletons for all uses

The active exoskeletons offered by RB3D are suitable for the following uses:
• Lumbar (lower back) support, with the ExoBack
• Arduous and repetitive tasks with heavy tools and significant efforts, with the ExoPush design ExoPush
• L’assistance aux travaux d'entretien de la vigne avec le concept Exoviti


Pictogramme Assistance immédiate - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique

Immediate movement assist

Double pivot hip joint for optimum freedom of movement. Ideal in handling situations with varied movements or simple torso support.

Pictogramme Assistance immédiate - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique

Setting wheel assist

Setting wheel with integrated push button (“button mode”). The assist adapts to you while maintaining total comfort.

Pictogramme Assistance immédiate - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique

Total freedom of movement

The Exoback is designed for total freedom of movement (arms 100% available, no discomfort when walking). All body movements remain possible

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Exoback situation btp - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique
Exopush situation btp - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique


The Exopush is an active exoskeleton that assists the user's movements when performing finishing-up tasks such as levelling or raking. The problem of jobs that involve pulling rakes is well known to public works professionals, with whom RB3D has developed Exopush in order to improve the ergonomics of this work more ergonomic. ExoPush is used by operating the handle like a conventional rake; the electric motor increases the user's strength.

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Exopush situation btp - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique


Né au cœur des vignes

Testé et validé par des vignerons, L’EXOVITI vous accompagne dans vos activités de taille, liage, ébourgeonnage, épamprage, désherbage, vendange, sans gêner vos gestes habituels.

Tout en confort

L’EXOVITI est conçu en matière textile souple, respirante et moelleuse, avec des appuis ergonomiquement répartis sur le corps pour vous assurer un confort optimal lors du travail de la vigne.

Stop au mal de dos

En vous penchant en avant, vous comprimez 2 ressorts qui vont assister vos muscles dorsaux. L’EXOVITI permet ainsi de réduire votre fatigue musculaire et vos maux de dos.

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exoviti situation vigne - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique

Exoskeletons for all uses

The exoskeleton is generally used to relieve the worker by reducing strain on the different parts of the body. It reduces fatigue, relieves the joints and can increase performance, many benefits that justify company investment. The human being is not replaced but assisted by the active exoskeleton.. This collaboration between humans and robots allows the power of the robots to be combined with the flexibility and creativity of the humans. With its multiple personal and economic advantages, the exoskeleton finds its place in many uses.

  • In themilitary wordl, it enables soldiers to carry heavier loads over a long distance, to be more resistant to fatigue and alsofaster;
  • In industry, it is very often used as a load-bearing aid. It increases the precision and speed of movements, allows difficult postures and makes it possible to work longer without pain. It finds its place in logistics, the world of construction and public works (BTP) and industry.
  • In the medical field, artificial skeletons compensate for physical disabilities and allow patients to regain all or part of their autonomy. It can be used by elderly people with a loss of mobility or by people who have suffered a stroke, for example. The medical profession can also use exoskeletons, in this case to. help them when physically moving their patients.

Given the many advantages they bring, it would not be surprising to observe a generalisation of exoskeletons in the professional world and why not, in the not too distant future, their appearance in our daily lives.

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