Présentation Cobot Exopush - RB3D


Levelling without pain

Since this occupation exists, levelling with a rake is a painful task and a source of musculoskeletal disorders. Always fighting against the strenuousness, RB3D has developed the EXOPUSH in partnership with road works professionals to improve ergonomics of this task and remove fatigue. Thus this product is protected by 3 international patents. The EXOPUSH is used by actuating the handle like a normal rake, then an electric actuator is instantly driven to help push or pull the tool. The EXOPUSH is supported by a harness and link to the ground via a force leg, which makes it light and allows to develop its full power. The user is protected from thrust efforts and therefore naturally maintains a straight position while keeping all his freedom of movement.

Main Features

Powerful : up to 50 kg of thrust permitted by the actuator for heavy work. Electric : Battery powered (charger supplied). Lightweight : less than 8,5 kg supported by the harness. Simple : 1 button to start and intuitive control of the EXOPUSH movements. Précise : the EXOPUSH is handy and allows for fine work of soil adjustment. Mobile : with the actuator in the higher position, the operator has no discomfort to move. Safe : the EXOPUSH complies with Directive 2006/42/EC.

Miniature Youtube Exopush RB3D
Miniature Youtube Cobot exopush - RB3D
Miniature Youtube Exopush RB3D

Technical DATA

Max. electrical power 650W, 48V DC
Autonomy 4 h up to 6 h.
Dimensions for use 2200*200*180mm
Dimensions stored 1500*200*180mm
Mass of the actioner 8,4 kg
Max force 500 N
Horizontal spread 1100 mm
Thrust max speed 2 m/s
Protection IP 43