A greater autonomy and fluidity of movement

Exosquelette Hercule

Exoskeletons hercule

An ambitious project

RB3D is specialized in strength assistance. Initiated by French DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) with their RAPID program, RB3D started to develop HERCULE in 2009. Its development was made in partnership with CEA List and ESME SUDRIA., HERCULE was exhibited in several occasions : at MILIPOL Fair in october 2011, and EUROSATORY in june 2012.
Following the first evaluations, DGA encouraged new developments both for civilian and military applications. In parallel with a second RAPID program from DGA, RB3D started the project to develop a Civilian exoskeleton for to carry and manipulate loads and tools. This new project got the attention of additionnal financial partners who provided us significant ressources to allow the design of HERCULE V3 in 2013.

HERCULE V3, Mobile strength assistance !

This 3rd version of HERCULE is dedicated to civilian applications. It has been thought as a development platform for industrial applications, upon which will come various kind of arms or accessories to fit with and fulfill the needs of the numerous industrial cases we target.
As an open software version, HERCULE can adress as well R&D labs that look upon to make reasearch activities on exoskeletons and control/command programs.

Decisive Advantages

  • HERCULE V3 is designed to fit easily with a wide variety of body sizes. It has quick links which allow to dress or undress with the exoskeleton in less than a minute. An ergonomic HMI helps to select 2 modes for a simple use :
    Dress/Undress is the mode which is used to fit the equipement.
    Action is the active mode which allows to start with strength assistance for all applications.
  • Equipped with the latest generation of electrical cable actuators, HERCULE provides exceptionally smooth running and high energy efficiency. Autonomy is thus reinforced and allows to run at least 4 hours in nominal use.
  • HERCULE V3 has a computer heart ARM Cortex-A8, for a real-time movement management.
  • HERCULE V3 allows most trips: walk flat or on slopes up to 10 °, climb stairs, get into squatting or sitting position.

Technical features

Weight 30 kg
Power (peak) 600 W
Battery Li-Ion rechargeable.
Dimensions Height : 1100 mm (Taille L) – Width : 650 mm – Depth : 400 mm
Architecture 14 degrees of freedom amongst which 4 motorised
Links with user Dorsal Harness, shoe straps
Size / Weigth Between 60 and 100 kg
Between 1,66 and 1,73 m M
Between 1,73 and 1,78 m L
Between 1,78 and 1,88 m XL