A robot’s capacities for heavy physical work

A robot is a device with mechanical, electronic and computing capabilities, allowing it to perform tasks which may be physically painful or dangerous for a human being. A collaborative robot or a cobot can have such mechanical power that it can efficiently move heavy parts around, or deal with products which are potentially harmful to a person, but completely harmless to a robot.


A robot’s capacities for accuracy of task performance


As a result of computing advances, robots are now able to perform tasks in an accurate and skilful manner, which even the most skilled person would struggle to match or achieve. This is mainly why robots equipped with highly advanced technology offer priceless help in the fields of medicine and surgery. A surgeon only has to operate the robot, which in turn will perform surgical procedures with a highly satisfying accuracy and great benefits for the patient. Medical robots are also very useful for radiotherapy.


Potential of industrial robots


All the business leaders who have been using robots to assist their employees’ work acknowledge the role of robots in increasing the company’s productivity and work quality, while reducing their overall costs.


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