What is it ?


Exoskeletons are devices which bring to a human being capabilities which he does not originally possess or which were lost in an accident. This type of equipment allows, for instance, a disabled person to pick up an object ; it can also compensate for a weak spot in the skeletal musculature of a person’s body, as is the case with an articulated knee support. It can also considerably ease the strain of handling heavy loads.


Use of exoskeletons in handling industrial loads


An employee who wears an exoskeleton suited to his morphology and his size will benefit from greater comfort and smoothness when moving. The exoskeleton will give him greater strength and allow him to manipulate heavy loads without any strain. This device is also very useful when employees must, several times a day, handle loads weighing between 5 and 10 kilos, as it significantly reduces fatigue caused by repetitive motion.


Role of exoskeletons in the use of tools and weapons


An exoskeleton can also greatly reduce the physical strain of handling an industrial tool or a weapon. A person who has to handle a drill, a sander machine or a submachine gun does it with increased accuracy and a significantly reduced fatigue. In a military context, exoskeletons can then give a crucial advantage to the soldiers who are equipped with, and use one.


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