What is it ?

An ergonomics audit consists in assessing the working conditions of an employee, finding solutions to make them more comfortable and improve overall employee productivity and work quality.

The ergonomics expert who carries out the audit drafts an assessment report on the working conditions and starts thinking of ways and equipment to improve them. He can then design a cobot which will perform difficult tasks much faster than a human being.


Implementing improvements suggested in the audit report


Once the client has read the audit report and has agreed to the suggested improvements, the ergonomics expert gets in touch with robotics or cobotics engineers. The required equipment is built with all the characteristics specified in the report by the audit expert ; the device is then delivered to the client and put into service. The whole order processing operation is carried out under the supervision of a project manager. The installer provides an after-sales service and regular maintenance.


Benefits of ergonomics audit for the client


When devices intended to improve workplace ergonomics have been put in place, the client is generally pleased to see significant improvement in his employees’ efficiency and well-being.


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