What is it ?


A cobot is an automated device used in cobotics, which is a technical collaboration between an actual human being and a robot. The operator generally uses a cobot to perform tasks which are particularly arduous or difficult to accomplish on his own.


As its actions are determined by the will, actions and motions of the user, a cobot lacks the self-sufficiency of a conventional robot. However, its overall performance can definitely be improved with the help of the user, who can properly teach the cobot how to perform each given task.


Characteristics of a cobot


A cobot can be of great assistance to a human operator – designed to increase and leverage the capabilities of a human being, it can help manipulate heavy or bulky goods, or assist in tasks requiring an accuracy which people can hardly achieve on their own. Such collaboration can generate significant quality and productivity gains. Cobots are also often cheaper to use than conventional robots.


Operational areas of a cobot


Cobots can be used in the medical field (to facilitate the rehabilitation of disabled people or trauma victims, among other things) or in several sectors of industrial activity. Cobotics technology has been experiencing strong growth in sectors such as ground transportation, food-processing industry, car manufacturing, and naval or aeronautical engineering.


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