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Our answers to some frequently asked questions

  • A Cobot : what for ?

    A Cobot provides the user with strength and endurance for strenuous tasks. For example, in grinding process, the 7A.15 Cobot support the grinder and amplify the user’s strength to work with the tool. For assembly tasks, a Cobot will help the user screwing self-drilling screws in a 3mm thick metal sheet with a max 3kg force left to user.

  • What’s a Cobot ?

    It’s a Collaborative Robot entirely controled by the user. A Cobot can be seen as an intelligent, sensitive handle monitored manipulator, with some or all axes, electrically actuated.

  • Why do we develop exoskeletons?

    An exoskeleton is a Cobot with an unlimited mobility which gives it a wider potential use and makes it very flexible. Possible applications are strenuous handling tasks (pick up parts, loading machines, etc.) for weights up to 25kg or more.