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Cobot 4A60

Pictogramme Assistance immédiate - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique

Fast and intuitive

The real-time processing of the force applied to the control surface makes the use simple, fast and efficient. The manipulator goes where you want it to go in complete safety.

Pictogramme Assistance immédiate - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique

Guidance assist

Configuring the guidance assist or even automatic trajectories, depending on the location of the manipulator, optimises handling time and productivity.

Pictogramme Assistance immédiate - RB3D - Exosquelette / Manipulateur cobotique


With a more compact and lower load-bearing structure, the 4A60 can be more easily installed in low rooms or rooms with little floor space.

Product description

Product description

Video of the 4A60


The cobot 4A60 is the light-load-bearing manipulator for modern and productive plants.

Lightweight aluminium rails, held by 4 posts, cover quite large surface areas thanks to the 4 motorised axes X, Y, Z and Theta. The 4A60 is well suited for frequent handling of any type of load below 60 kg, with excellent ergonomics for the user.

In fact, the 4A60 overhead load-bearing manipulator is effortless and intuitive to operate thanks to the real-time processing of the force applied to the control surface. Do you want to go in a particular direction? Lightly push in that direction and off the 4A60 goes!

The flexibility and power of the on-board electric motors enable immediate and fluid movements, while maintaining perfect control of trajectories.
To this end, the position of the controls has been specially designed to provide the operator with an optimal viewing angle.


Thus, frank but controlled accelerations allow a fast and precise positioning of the 4A60 overhead load-bearing manipulator, without any time wasted.
The exact position is known in real time thanks to the axis encoders and the on-board ETHERCAT network.

For example, it is possible to set up guidance assist functions or program fully automatic routes (optional) to optimise handling time and productivity.

The 4A60 overhead load-bearing manipulator complies with the machine directive 2006/42 EC.

Technical data

Standard min/max
X-axis rail length 6m 3 à 15m
Y-axis rail length 4m 3 à 6m
Z-axis travel 1000mm 2000mm
Height H 3776mm 3776mm
Theta axis rotation 0°/340° 0°/340°
Acceleration (X,Y,Z) 1 m/s2 1 m/s2
Axis speed (X,Y,Z) 1 m/s 1 m/s
CMU 60kg
Operating force 5 N < 50 N
Power supply 400V / 50Hz (5 kW max.)

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