Your new strength
    assistance cobot.




Ideal strenght assistance system

Cobot 7A15 is the ideal tool manipulating system. It’s a new generation collaborative robot, whose use is very easy due to the fully motorized 7 degrees of freedom. Cobot 7A15 is strenght driven, by sensing the hand of the user. This driving mode allows a perfect control of precision, speed and strenght, whatever the tool used or the work made. Thus, The cobot 7A15 can be used with a wide range of powerful tools without user fatigue, for a better productivity.


  • Easyness : immediate and intuitive grip and starting up for better ergonomics of use.
  • Strength : measures and amplifies user’s strength for to reducing user fatigue.
  • Protection : insulates user from suffering of tool affections like vibrations, shocks etc…
  • Guiding help : the space around the machine can be digitally mastered in the cobot control system to offer high end guiding assistance (options).
  • Safety : avoids accidents by insuring a strong and sure tightening of the tool.
  • CE conformity : the 7A15 cobot fulfills all requirements of the EU directive 2006/42/CE.

Safe design

The cobot 7A15 is a poly-articulated arm with 7 axis equipped with high-quality powerful and compact servomotors. Each axis is clearance-free but allows smoothness and reactiveness to control command requirements. Main axes are equipped with brakes and lockable for a strong and stable maintain in position. The steering system has a sensor able to measure in all directions the force and torque required by the user, which allows fast and sure control of the machine, through the command computer. Closeness with user is then managed with safety and ergonomics. All informatics parts are grouped and protected in an industrial bay, fitted to most demanding environment like for example foundries. On specific request it is possible to modify the dimensions of Cobot 7A15 to fit better with your use case and particularly the environment constraints.


Caractéristiques techniques

Puissance électrique totale 3 kW alimentation en 230V / 50Hz
Surface au sol de la baie de contrôle commande 600*800 mm
Masse du robot Environs 150 kg
Capacité de l’effort en extrémité d’axe 7 250 N maxi
Capacité d’accélération maxi en bout d’outil 1 g
Vitesse maxi en extrémité d’outil 1 m/s
Axe 1 75 / 75 0,5
Axe 2 75 / 75 0,8
Axe 3 35 / 35 0,8
Axe 4 45 / 45 0,6
Axe 5 80 / 80 1,5
Axe 6 80 / 80 1,5
Axe 7 100 / 100 3