industrial manipulator 4.0





The 4A350 is dedicated to smart handling of loads in the factories of the future. 4 motorized X, Y, Z and Theta axis, allow operators to proceed to effortless and inertia free movements of heavy loads and large parts.
The real time treatment and use of the operator’s force, measured on the manipulator rudder, makes the 4A350 cobotic system simple, ergonomic and intuitive to drive for anyone.
Amongst all, the powerful and smart electrical drives allow immediate but smooth start-ups and movements.
The feeling of a total and safe control is comfortable and makes it easy and efficient for the user.
On top, the ergonomics of the command position have been specially designed to allow a wide and comfortable angle ofview, which is perfect for the user.


The 4A350 can withstand any kind of gripping technology, including the detection of a safe tightening of the piece. The rudder has a hand detection function, to allow safe (SIL2, PL D) start-up and stop of motor drives. Thus, controlled and safe accelerations allow to position rapidly and fast the 4A350 manipulator without any risk of load loosing.
By sensing the machine range along all axis, the exact position of the 4A350 is real time known through the
embedded ETHERCAT network. Then depending where is the manipulator, one can use guide assist functions as well as semi-automatic positioning of the gripper system.
This bring time saving and efficiency while handling loads.
The 4A350 cobot is in conformance to safety machine EU directive 2006/42 CE.

manipulateur_cobot armen_fenetre-vignette-330x186

Manipulating heavy windows

With this manipulator it’s really easy to move fast and precisely loads up to 150 kg. This cobot is inertia free and perfectly ergonomic!


Paint production line loading

4A350 manipulator on a XXL supporting structure, allowing precision and smoothness. Ergonomic drive and excellent visibility for to take and let.

cobot agroalimentaire

Loading of trays in food industry

Here in a slaughterhouse, the 4A350 handling cobot, offers guidance assistance for to take the pile of trays. Fast, simple: productivity with no pain!


Manipulating glass plates

This manipulation system provides strenght and guidance assistance to the user, in order to secure the production time as well as final product quality.

Données techniques

Mini Maxi
Useful Length X axis : 4 m 30 m
Useful length Y axis : 4 m 12 m
Range Z axis : 500 mm 2000 mm
Height H : 1500 mm 3000 mm
Rotation thêta axis : 340°
Acceleration (X, Y, Z) : 1 m/s2
Speed axis (X, Y, Z) : 1 m/s
Manipulator weight : 400 Kg 750 Kg
Load Capacity : 50 Kg 300Kg
User strenght required : 5 N < 50 N
Power input : 400 V / 50 Hz (5 kW maxi)