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    The handling cobot
    by RB3D




Handle easily

Cobot 1A100 is the ideal system for handling loads. It’s a new generation collaborative robot, which offers exceptional fluidness and maneuverability features.
Cobot 1A100 is strenght driven, by sensing the hand of the user. This driving mode allows a perfect control of precision, speed and strenght, whatever the load handled.
An embedded computer allows various kind of settings, depending of the use.
Cobot 1A100 is intended to be used with all kind of grippers and can be installed on a pole, suspended to an aerial structure or on a mobile platform.


  • Ease of use : immediate and intuitive starting up for better ergonomics of use.
  • Guiding help : the space around the machine can be digitally mastered in the cobot control system to offer high end guiding assistance (option).
  • Safety : Advanced conditions of grip/ungrip loads can be set on the computer.
  • Brakes : Non motorised axes are equiped with brakes for to safeguard the stay in position of the cobot.
  • CE conformity : the 1A100 cobot fulfills all requirements of the EU directive 2006/42/CE.

All IT parts are grouped and protected in an industrial case, adapted to the most stringeant sectors.
On specific request it is possible to modify the dimensions of Cobot 1A100 to fit better with your use case and particularly your surrounding space and height constraints.



Electrical power 2,5 kW (380V/50 Hz)
Weight of the cobot 250 kg
Load capacity (CMU) 100 kg
Height stroke 1000 mm
Max speed 1m/s