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The roadworks exoskeleton, an aid for the workers

Presentation of a roadworks exoskeleton in Geneva   On the 30th September 2014, RB3D and COLAS are presenting in world premiere, the roadworks exoskeleton COLEXO.   A technology which multiplies the strength of workers and reduce the accident risks.   The field trials leaded by COLAS’ workers were held succesfully.  

The exoskeleton Hercule gives you super strength

Euronews artcile about Hercule the exoskeleton from RB3D.   “A cobot is a “collaborative robot” or exoskeleton which can help people walk while carrying heavy objects….”   See article.

Hercule V3 targets industry

On the occasion of the opening of the Football World Cup , the newspaper “Les Echos” of Thursday June 12th, 2014 dealt with exoskeletons and RB3D.   “This technology of robotic arms and legs should find its first mass market in industry. Born of military research, it has since diversified. … ”   See article.

Platinium Mechatronics Award

The 17th of june 2014, RB3D got the platinium mechatronics award of the decenny during an awarding event organised by French association Thesame, in Annecy. See the press release.

HERCULE at Arma Suisse (switzerland)

HERCULE at Arma Suisse (switzerland) RB3D will exhibit its new exoskeleton HV3 at the DEFTEC symposium organised by Armasuisse on 3rd of june 2014 in Bern. Read PDF

Next fair

RB3D exhibits at SALON INDUSTRIE 2014 There you can see the new RB3D products 7A15 et 1A100 on the fair. You are kindly invited to test these new ones on our booth allée J, Hall 5 (5J17)

Next fair

RB3D exhibits at SEPEM COLMAR 2014 The new 1A.100 will be shown on the fair. You are kindly invited to test this new solutions on our booth !

Product innovation

New strength assistance cobot 7A15. This is the ideal assisting manipulator to ease manual work with tools. Powerful, fast, smooth and simple to use. A safe and proven design adapted to the most demanding environments. Various kind of tools can be fitted to it. en savoir

Rb3d, le créateur de l’exosquelette Héraclès, lève deux millions d’euros

La start up auxerroise Robotiques 3 Dimensions, alias Rb3d, lève deux millions d’euros auprès d’ACE Management, Alto Invest et Inocap. Rb3d s’était faite un nom lors du dernier salon Milipol où son fondateur, Serge Gryborowicz, avait présenté le premier exosquelette français. Baptisé Héraclès, il a été conçu dans le cadre d’un partenariat avec le Commissariat […]