RB3D capacities


Offering competitive and short time to market solutions is a must for us. That’s the reason why RB3D can always adjust means and competencies to meet related stakes.

RB3D will find the most suitable technical choices in order to ensure quality, cost control and on time deliveries. We can manufacture from prototype to production batches, for components up to complete systems or machines.


We have gathered an impressive know-how in prototype manufacturing. We can make your pieces according to the most suitable techniques:

  • Fast prototyping 
  • Silicon molding 
  • Mock up
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Laser cutting
  • Electronic cards
  • Assembly and testing of prototypes

Production means

We have assembly and test means to produce and qualify systems and/or tools based on mechatronics.

We have access to the worldwide network of suppliers and subcontactors in order to ensure quality cost and deleivery time to your production.

We are interested in small or mid size series and can offer following services:

  • Electrical cabling
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Software programming
  • Quality control.
  • Testing according. to applicable standards.


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