Handling loads

Loads carrying is one the most recurrent tasks in an industrial context. The ones so called light-weight are rarely assisted by mechanical means. Very reactive and easy to control, a RB3D Cobot is a solution which allows you to carry loads of a few kilograms up to 100kg.
Once your needs defined, our engineering team will design the corresponding handling system. Depending load and an application, various technologies can be deployed

<10 Kg

<50 kg

<100 kg


The impact of recurrent carryings of weights below 10kg is too often neglected. Combined with high frequency, this can rapidly lead to MSD risks. Typically, machine loading or preparing orders in a repetitive way are such situations.
The 1A.20 Cobot meets with your needs.

Numbers of barrels, bags, boxes, mechanical parts are daily manually handled by workers. The 1A.50 Cobot has been specifically developed by RB3D for this range of loads.

This size of loads are normally mechanically assisted for any handling operation. But standard devices, however are too slow and/or reveal a lack of precision which makes the carrying process long and complicated.
The 1A.100 Cobot is an excellent starting point to begin with your project. From this, our engineering team can propose specific integration to fit your space.